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The choice of your new sub and how it sounds depends on one thing, the enclosure you put it in.  You can take the best sub on the market, put it in a crappy box and you are going to get crappy results. Click for more 

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Check out some of the wildest cars and stereo installations for 2009. We also have images from SEMA showing the latest technology.

Hey, you have landed at the new Custom Creations website. Here you will see a number of cool bargains, the best stereo equipment for your car or boat. We also feature remote starters, security equipment, DVD players and more. Rock on! 

What You Need To Know About CELL PHONE BAN while Driving!   Free PDF


I have been getting work done from Mike before he even had his own store.  I have always been completely happy with the service, even the work that Mike did for me with the GPS, a product at the time Mike didn’t even sell, but that didn’t stop Mike from doing everything for me anyway.  Keep it up Mike. Dean Wilfur Dawson Creek