TIPS continued

What makes a good sub box?


The choice of your new sub and how it sounds depends on one thing, the enclosure you put it in.  You can take the best sub on the market, put it in a crappy box and you are going to get crappy results.  If you are prepared to spend a lot of money on the sub you must also be prepared to spend the money to have it properly designed and built.


So, you might ask yourself, what makes a good sub box?


1          A sealed box should be exactly that, SEALED. A terminal connector is a perfect place for a box to leak; the seams should be sealed from the inside to ensure an airtight enclosure.


2          A ported box shouldn’t have any air leaks either; the port must be the right displacement and length for the sub and enclosure.


3          It should be mounted properly, not laying loose in the backseat.  It takes extra time to do it properly and yes, time is money but a 200 pound sub box flying through the air in an accident could kill you.  So don’t sacrifice a few dollars for your safety.


4          Proper construction and materials are important.  MDF should always be used not K3 board or particle board or plywood.  Carpenters glue, screws and or nails should be used and silicone to seal seams.


These are just a few tips on two popular sub enclosures.


Just remember to get it done right the first time at a quality installation shop like Custom Creations. For more tips and tricks send us an email or stop by the shop and see us in person.           



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